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Do we remember our celestial home moments after birth? Do we recognize our family waiting for us in the delivery room? Do we remember our intent for the journey? Do we know ahead of time when our life will come to an end as we know it on earth? I have read that angels are here to watch over us but also to remind us of the truths, the rhymes and the reasons for our journey.

My daughter Joann had her own set of angels. She referred to them and spoke to them often in her journals. Through her prayers and conversation with angels she had a connecting path to her heavenly essence.  Did she know she was about to die? On a deeply spiritual she already knew she was part of a divine soul and projected only an aspect of our total energy into the temporary rubber suit we call a body.   She listened to her heart when she procured an insurance policy one month before the man who ended her life was released from prison. I was the beneficiary and I knew through that there was a bigger plan for us both to continue after she took her last earthly breath.

autograph What I find most profound is that she attended a seminar on angels the summer before she died that was conducted by Doreen Virtue and purchased her book. The name was Angle Therapy. She always wanted to be prepared for anything she did and researched all aspects of an experience. I imagine that part of her human personality came into to play to meet Doreen and learn more. I believe on a deep unconscious level she knew what was about to happen.

Is all of this true? We are asked to believe in powers unseen and untouchable but there is a knowing inside of me like there was in Joann that there is a divine plan for all of us when make this journey here on earth. I can’t wait until we meet again in the spiritual realm and compare notes about our journeys.

Joann’s Journal (one week before her death)
“I have released it all to you angels. I walk through my fear with your guidance, knowing your truth will protect me, your love and wisdom will guide me, your strength will sustain me. I am free to love – I am free to be – I am free to dance and play. I am no longer weighted down with unnecessary burdens. I am free to be me, I am free to be real, and I am free to be whole. I am home.”

Is there something you would like to share?  Please leave a comment.  I would love to hear your response to this post.  I hope it has brightened your day.

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Dreams Are Free

Eyes of Love Listen to a song that Joann and I agreed was our theme song together.

I have always believed that sharing a dream melts fellow travelers into one heart stream.   This stream nourishes both bodies in the drought of a desert’s path.  I hold on to this belief with all of my might and heart.  It gets me through uncertainty.  Because I loved my daughter so much with an open heart, we bonded soul to soul. This bond can never be broken, even if we are separated from time to time.  We always find each other in some form of consciousness.  When I have hushed the world, Joann speaks to me with quiet whispers for messages of spiritual awareness, instructions to change the direction of my actions or just to reassure me she is in my life. Joann often reminds me that it is our dreaming together that continues to create our greatest happiness.

To dream together is to seek to accomplish a particular goal.  A spiritual goal is ALWAYS attainable.  Sometimes words are spoken between two people and sometimes words are not required, just two souls walking down a path together to bring about a positive change in this world.  I have a good example of the second:  Brandy Parker and her precious son Samuel, who have come to earth to bring awareness and comfort for women and children touched by Epilepsy or Autism.


Do you have a dream?  Do you believe it is attainable?  Is there someone you would like to share in this dream with you?  I would love for you to leave a comment on this page and share your dream.

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Gift from LossOne of my gifts is the trail Joann left of handwritten notes on her refrigerator, journal entries and underlined passages in a book. She continues to communicate with me in some very amazing ways.

The message in the image woke me up at 2:00 a.m., playing over and over in my head until I finally wrote it down so I could go back to sleep this morning. Sometimes I know the meaning is for me, sometimes I know who it is supposed to help and sometimes I share it, not knowing who needs that clue in their treasure hunt we call LIFE.

 “I am not surprised that just because you cannot see or hear me anymore, my messages to you through experiences and other people are still clear. I know it has been very hard to let go at the new level you are working on but you are doing a really good job, Mom, a really good job. That is what I came today to tell you.” 

Tears ran down my face. I wanted to know that Joann was still with me but more than anything, I needed validation that I was finishing our lifetime together the way she wanted. I felt pain and fear flush from my body as I experienced hurt transform into eternal love. 
– Payment for Passage

Please share your comments below if you have had experiences like this. I would love to hear from you.

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hardwood forestWhile riding my bike yesterday I was hoping for a sign of Joann, like a red bird fly in front of me. Toward the end of the ride I heard, “You’ll see.”

I live in the middle of a hardwood forest and cleared behind my house for campfires, etc. For 2 years I have watched a HUGE dead tree on the property next to mine headed straight for my trees and all that I have landscaped.

I worked in the yard this afternoon and in the distance saw that the dead tree had fallen. It fell opposite of how it was leaning and landed exactly on my neighbors property line without hurting anything in my little piece of heaven. Did Joann do that, who knows, but for this human being I would be crazy not to believe in angels after all of my experiences

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Message from An Angel

Joann's messageHow many people have written communication from an angel? I do. Joann left me a trail of messages that led to my path of courage and transformation after her death.

I was in my quiet and safe place this morning asking for help with anything I need to learn or share with another person today. I always end with a plea for Joann to connect with me and give me strength. These words came to me over and over, “SHARE MY MESSAGES.”

From time to time I will share with you a message Joann left for me in the form of handwritten notes on her refrigerator, journal entries or an underlined passage in a book. The message today is one I found on her refrigerator as I was packing her belongings to return home without her.  It is a key for beginning a journey into love for yourself so that you can overflow with love for others.

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