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Living in the MomentYou are the only one that holds the secret of who you really are. The purpose of my blog site is to assist you in discovering truths about yourself that you hold deep within your heart and soul. Those truths can empower you and lead toward a rewarding and peaceful life. You only find those truths if you are immersed in the moment. If you are regretting or worried, you are not living your life.

What is the significance of living in the moment?

Life only happens in the moment. Truth only reveals itself in the moment. Solutions to problems only occur in the moment. Your heart interprets and feels what is happening right here and right now. For example, when you tell someone they touched your heart, when did that take place? It happened in the space and time that someone made a kind gesture or expressed something meaningful to you…not before and not after.

Your perception of yourself drives your vision and decisions every moment of the day. That perception may be filled with illusions and defenses that have been useful at times in the past, but are restricting you from making wise and empowering choices today. Little by little you can shed those illusions and connect with the person you were born to be, right here and right now. This site may be a safe place to begin sharing your journey with others in an authentic way.  I would love to hear from you in the comment section below.

How Payment for Passage Can Help

Through her process of surviving and healing, Janie reminds us that we are all on an unchartered journey. In this journey we will encounter all kinds of experiences. Some will bring us incredible highs; others will bring us to our knees in despair. Underscoring the importance of living in the moment, she offers us a proven formula that helped her and will indeed help us, if we trust it and follow it. She shows us that living in fear is NOT living at all and we can overcome it. I know this because for several years, I suffered with crippling fear that gave me one panic attack after another and made sleeping impossible. Moreover, I was consumed with regret about everything I did or even did not do. I was desperate, but with no income, help was simply unaffordable. Janie’s road map for healing and living life the way it was intended made me whole again. This is not just a story of one woman’s heartache and healing, it is a handbook for the journey in life every one of us takes.  -Review from a reader.

What a tragedy if fear keeps you from being yourself on earth ……… and as a result you do not truly exist. Being in the moment and emotionally present throughout your journey determines whether you are killing time or living a rewarding life.  -Payment for Passage

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living in the momentIntroduction, PAYMENT FOR PASSAGE

Overwhelmed with unrelenting grief and regret after Joann’s death, I fixated on what I could have done to prevent so much pain. In my attempt to keep her memory alive with a book, I was forced to refocus. The title came to me immediately, but I struggled with the content. I had no idea what was true in my life anymore after losing all faith. I was the soul missing in action, not my daughter. After staring at a blank computer screen for days I cried, “I give up. Joann, please help me!” To my amazement I began typing the following words under the title:

Mom, just start typing with no reasoning, no judgment and no expectations. If you write the book with faith and no plan of what the book should say, you will learn the meaning of your life. You will have all the encouragement, wisdom and guidance you need as you find this meaning for yourself. If a company publishes your book and keeps my memory alive, that is wonderful, but the first intent of this book must be your own healing. As your love for yourself grows during your healing your truths will ripple into the lives of others in many ways. The book may be one of them.

Does some fear keep you from living in the moment?  Please share with me any answer that feels right to you in the comment box below.

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