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woman-seashoreThere are human beings trapped in the depths of ignorance and not even aware of their limited perspective. The person who escapes the limitations of an earthly journey discovers a higher realm, a true reality. There is an almost mystical awareness of Goodness as the origin of everything that exists. Such a person is aware of what is ultimately most worthwhile in life; but that person will frequently be misunderstood by those who haven’t shared in this spiritual insight. There are invisible truths lying under the apparent surface of things which only the most enlightened can grasp. Gathering information when you encounter a fork in the road is a wiser decision than taking an emotional train ride through illusions. –  an angel named Joann


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We choose our quality of life and decide how to take advantage of what we see in front of us. We are constantly being guided by people crossing our path at the perfect time for guidance and events that change our perspective on life. We take advantage of some and some we ignore. It would be simple just to follow the path placed before us, but we have free will as part of what makes us so unique. It is easy to get lost when the ego takes over and attempts to control an experience with high expectations and judgments. This is a waste of spiritual fuel. Since experiences can shape-shift before completion, knowing when to be tenacious and when to let go and trust life can be difficult.

There is a difference between letting go and giving up. If we let go and trust life, we always transition to a better place. If we give up, we are stuck with the discomfort inside. When we give up, we feel defeated and tell ourselves that we have failed. The words defeat, can’t, and fail all have negative connotations and harm self-esteem. Sadly, when the self-esteem is damaged, the chances diminish that we would ever try again to do something that was important to us.

Giving up is particularly harmful during a process of spiritual change. Acknowledging when we are discouraged and asking for help makes a big difference in our perseverance. We can still be successful in whatever we choose, even if we have to change directions. There are several ways to avoid a sense of defeat. Consider a change in behavior you would like to make in your life.

Steps Supporting Perseverance

  • Look within and name a spiritual goal that takes you higher on your spiritual path. .
  • Be realistic about the time you need to produce positive, lasting results. Habits that have taken years to develop won’t go away in a week.
  • Accept the fact that real change requires real work.
  • Focus on progress, not perfection. Be gentle with yourself.
  • Pace yourself with your physical energy for an activity or emotional energy for changing a behavior.
  • Set short-term goals so that you can congratulate yourself and feel proud of your accomplishments.
  • Have a plan in mind for handling distractions that compete for your attention or negative opinions from other people. A priority list may help.
  • Take care of yourself and listen to your body.
  • Give yourself the flexibility of seeing a different outcome that feels just as good as your initial goal.
  • Find enjoyment along the way.

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Ways I Maintain a Spiritual Balance:

  • I embrace with all of my heart the love for my children.
  • I accept imperfection, and I forgive myself for my mistakes.
  • I feel my emotions and trust them.
  • I listen, observe, and respond, not react.
  • I chose to see and accept the reality of an experience, even if it is painful.
  • I remain present in my life during crises and do not desert myself.
  • I have loving intent in all of my actions (toward myself or others) and reach out to help others.
  • I dream big dreams and am not afraid of asking for help; sometimes I seek counseling or ask for a hug when I need one.
  • I believe in a higher plan, trust my process, and go beyond obstacles.
  • I am in the “here and now” and connect with myself when I grieve or laugh.
  • I like simple pleasures and spend as much time in nature as possible.
  • I appreciate the smallest adventure or gift.
  • I rest when I hurt.
  • I eat what I enjoy that is healthy for me.
  • I admit when I am wrong.
  • I continue to explore what works for me and what does not.
  • I teach with passion.
  • I fulfill my responsibilities to others.
  • I enjoy being with friends.
  • I eat chocolate at least once a day.
  • I listen to music that touches me.
  • I live what I have learned.
  • I weed out areas of my life supporting unhealthy responsibilities.
  • I engage in daily physical exercise, preferably riding my bike.
  • I am ME.

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Do we remember our celestial home moments after birth? Do we recognize our family waiting for us in the delivery room? Do we remember our intent for the journey? Do we know ahead of time when our life will come to an end as we know it on earth? I have read that angels are here to watch over us but also to remind us of the truths, the rhymes and the reasons for our journey.

My daughter Joann had her own set of angels. She referred to them and spoke to them often in her journals. Through her prayers and conversation with angels she had a connecting path to her heavenly essence.  Did she know she was about to die? On a deeply spiritual she already knew she was part of a divine soul and projected only an aspect of our total energy into the temporary rubber suit we call a body.   She listened to her heart when she procured an insurance policy one month before the man who ended her life was released from prison. I was the beneficiary and I knew through that there was a bigger plan for us both to continue after she took her last earthly breath.

autograph What I find most profound is that she attended a seminar on angels the summer before she died that was conducted by Doreen Virtue and purchased her book. The name was Angle Therapy. She always wanted to be prepared for anything she did and researched all aspects of an experience. I imagine that part of her human personality came into to play to meet Doreen and learn more. I believe on a deep unconscious level she knew what was about to happen.

Is all of this true? We are asked to believe in powers unseen and untouchable but there is a knowing inside of me like there was in Joann that there is a divine plan for all of us when make this journey here on earth. I can’t wait until we meet again in the spiritual realm and compare notes about our journeys.

Joann’s Journal (one week before her death)
“I have released it all to you angels. I walk through my fear with your guidance, knowing your truth will protect me, your love and wisdom will guide me, your strength will sustain me. I am free to love – I am free to be – I am free to dance and play. I am no longer weighted down with unnecessary burdens. I am free to be me, I am free to be real, and I am free to be whole. I am home.”

Is there something you would like to share?  Please leave a comment.  I would love to hear your response to this post.  I hope it has brightened your day.

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spiritual stone blogOur lives are mysterious, based on trust of the unseen. Spiritual transformations are invisible to the eye and often have no words to explain them; however, something tangible that is seen, felt or held in our hands often gives us the power to persevere on our spiritual path when we feel lost, alone or afraid. A long hug from someone who truly cares for me can melt away days of pain or fear. A passage I read in a book can give me the peace I need to resume my day when I get discouraged. A message from a fellow traveler giving meaning to my past or hope for my future immediately lightens my heart. A crystal or rock I hold in my hand sometimes emits the warm energy I need to restore my spiritual energy.

While attending a holistic expo once I was fascinating with the thousands of crystals, all different shapes, colors and sizes. These crystal are believed by some to be healing stones since they come from “Mother Earth” and are the pure energy of creation. I heard the woman standing next to me say to the vendor, “Please pick out the most spiritual stone you have so I can buy it. I am in a lot of emotional pain and need something to hold to help me find peace.” 

It occurred to me that the vendor could have picked any stone on the table for the woman and it would indeed be the most spiritual for her, simply because she would believe it was. What I believe shapes my perception, my perception dictates my emotions and my emotions create the next steps I take in the experiment of life. I know this is true because an angel told me so one morning in my bedroom.

“Mom, you have many thoughts during the day that bring emotions to the surface. These emotions create your next attempts to experiment with life. When evening comes you must relax and seek guidance through sincere prayer saturated with belief. Prayer invites the heavenly realm into your experiment. Thought is sedentary, but prayerful experience is the action that shapes your destiny. Truths are simple and to the point but take time to integrate into your life.” – My guardian angel Joann in Payment for Passage

Do you have a spiritual touchstone that helps along the way?

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“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” – Dr. Seuss

I was an A student in becoming someone else to get the approval and acceptance from another person when in reality the most important person in my life was disapproving of myself already – ME.  Recovering from a nervous breakdown in my early twenties, I remember telling my psychiatrist, “All I have ever wanted in life is to be loved and safe when I am ME.” At the time I thought that freedom of safely being myself had to come from others.  After forty years of searching for my answer and digging deep spiritually to survive the loss of my daughter, I found the secret. The main person who needs to approve of and accept me is ME.  It can create some vulnerable and frightening moments, but I have learned to stay with myself emotionally and grow from each experience.

When I focus on the reactions of others, I give them my power and future. When I focus on changing and loving myself I give myself the power to grow and thrive. By embracing and healing painful and frightened parts of myself that I often want to ignore, I am free to live life fully and achieve my purpose and desires here on earth. I become my true authentic self.

How do I love myself and life today?

  • I find words that comfort me.
  • I aspire to be all that I can be, but feel free at times to adjust my expectations and simply observe how I evolve.
  • I clean out anything that does not make me feel beautiful and special.
  • I seek out loving people to surround me and say NO to those with hurtful intentions.
  • I set aside routine times to release worldly attachments and relax.
  • I give myself permission to turn something down.
  • I no longer compromise on what I need, especially love.
  • I exercise daily to transform physically as well as mentally and spiritually.  I found that riding my bike on a country road stripes away any roles I have in life and allows me to live in the moment as Janie.

How do you live in the moment as yourself?  Please share in the comment section below.

Dr. Wayne Dyer talks about being yourself

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The precious moment of stillness between my grandson Kyle and Tosha.

The precious moment of stillness between my grandson Kyle and Tosha.

Process:  a natural phenomenon marked by gradual changes that lead toward a particular result.

Today’s world has become a fast pace/I want it now phenomenon.  Patience is the key to trusting my journey but that can feel like stepping back in time, a time when sitting quietly and observing was an important part of the day.

Experiences are utilized by Life in order to help a person gain spiritual empowerment and highlight what is most valued.  A process can have many experiences and an experience can shape-shift many times before completion.   It is important for me to trust that my heart will discover disguised blessings when events made no logical sense in that moment.

Being motivated spiritually, I came to understand that with this motivation many challenging events are usually dealt with in a lifetime. The courage to embrace emotions throughout such experiences is a major key for me to learn more of “who I am”.  The confidence that I remain present in my life during crises and not desert myself emotionally is essential.  How I see myself with honesty determines how I respond to life. With nonjudgmental honesty comes a new freedom. When I am willing to open my heart, Truth provides answers to my questions and solutions to problems.

While writing my book, I lost two days of notes and edits. I was afraid my revelations in those pages were gone. Once I had my fill of panic and other negative emotions, I took a deep breath and played with my dog, trusting that my answer would come. An hour later the answer came in an eloquent whisper, “You have not lost the words. Previously you heard truths that offered you hope and you stored those truths in your mind. Memory can fail you and you forget. Today you are living the truths and they are stored in your heart. You can summon them whenever you want. Relax and trust yourself. Once you live truth, you do not have to remember it. It is who you are; you cannot reverse consciousness.”

Life is not about evolving – it is about creating. Be who you are this moment.

What aspect of your life do you try to control, not trusting life’s process for the outcome?

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Why We Share the Same Planet

Kyle Tiesler

A small child felt drawn to my grandson Kyle because they had something in common.

When I share my journey with someone else, spiritual energy soars.  Sharing a dream gives purpose and love to relationships, lifts the spirit above hardships, and creates a connection to truth.  My spiritual energy soared as my daughter Joann and I shared our compassion for life and desire to become all we could be.  We supported each other when our own individual strength, faith, perseverance, or courage was not enough.  We listened and provided loving foundations for desires within the heart. We both knew hardships were part of the journey, and loving encouragement was the assistance needed to persevere and attain the blessings in store for us.

There is importance of time alone to bond with our ourself and the beauty of nature and later there is great joy in sharing individual experiences and  the similarities we found in our journeys. Two people can go beyond seeming limitations or obstacles.  A new discovery can lighten any burden when it is shared with someone who cares.

The Amazing Story of Suriyana and Roscoe

FriendshipAfter losing his parents, this 3-year-old orangutan was so depressed he wouldn’t eat and didn’t respond to any medical treatments. The veterinarians thought he would surely die from sadness.

The zoo keepers found an old sick dog on the grounds in the park at the zoo where the orangutan lived and took the dog to the animal treatment center. The dog arrived at the same time the orangutan was there being treated…

The 2 lost souls met and have been inseparable ever since. The orangutan found a new reason to live and each always tries his best to be a good companion to his new-found friend. They are together 24 hours a day in all their activities. They live in Northern California where swimming is their favorite pastime, although Roscoe (the orangutan) is a little afraid of the water and needs his friend’s help to swim. Together they have discovered the joy and laughter in life and the value of friendship. They have found more than a friendly shoulder to lean on.

Suriyana and Roscoe – their story

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Do you have someone in your life that has given you laughs, hope, courage and inspiration? Please share your story with us in the comment section of this post.

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Your loving intent and bravery diminishes illusions and YOU KNOW THAT A PROCESS IS COMPLETE WHEN YOU EXPERIENCE A TRUE CONNECTION WITH YOURSELF AND YOUR CREATOR.  From this new perspective you will live life in the moment with sincerity and experience a freedom to look above, below and beyond any horizons and let life carry you in its arms.Payment for Passage

The Perfect Moment

The Perfect Moment

Living in the moment and flowing with life has been essential for me the past few weeks.   Once today, I strengthened my spiritual muscles by overcoming a “come apart” moment.  After talking with a loving friend on the phone, I closed my eyes, breathed deeply and remembered that I ONLY EVER EXPERIENCE MYSELF IN EVERY MOMENT.  It is up to me – my future, my being, my life is up to me and nobody else. I have the choice of just killing time in pain and anger or living with an open heart while I expect miracles.  BTW, this winter I would consider sunshine in Tennessee a miracle .

I interact moment to moment with what I perceive as reality and how I feel during that flash of time depends on how I choose to respond and my attitude.  Last weekend my car broke down in the middle of another town.    I paused, called someone for help, called a wrecker service, walked 2 blocks to take care of why I was in the town.  I then walked back to my car and not having to interact with traffic, relaxed as I waited for someone to come get me and enjoyed watching life happen around me in the parking lot.   At times, living truly as ME involves getting angry (like today) but once that emotion serves its purpose, I thank it for teaching me something about myself and ask it to leave.

I loving being peaceful but also realize I am here to learn through human emotions.   I believe that everything has a purpose and beauty and this belief assures me that no matter what, I will always be OK and well cared for.

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heartI was no stranger to loss in 2001 but nothing could have prepared me for the heart-wrenching years that followed the death of my 30-year-old daughter. That painful existence was the hardest loss for me to survive and come out of whole. I came to accept my former losses as a separation from other souls outside of myself. With my child’s death, an essential and vital part of ME had been ripped away.

My Path to Healing

“She would want you to be happy”, bothered me more than any other comment from someone. Did people think I wanted to feel this pain and despair? But one day I changed some of the words in that statement and began my healing. “She would want me make something positive out of her death and finish our lives with dignity.”

Overwhelmed with unrelenting grief and regret after Joann’s death, I fixated on what I could have done to prevent so much pain. In my attempt to keep her memory alive with a book, I was forced to refocus. – Payment for Passage

I could no longer comprehend a loving God but I knew that it would take a power much greater than myself to recover from this loss. Somehow, someway, I had to make some sense out of life and find a purpose again to be here.

I began my spiritual climb by reading books that caught my attention, praying for help (even if I wasn’t sure there was a loving energy hearing me) attending spiritual workshops and finding a spiritual mentor.

These are a few of the things my mentor and friend, Emma, has said to me that helped:

“Let all challenges be the fire that opens the heart up. Any broken heart is an “opening” and no matter how much pain comes with such an event, it is an opening that allows one to eventually flow with more Light and Love.” 

“The best thing to do is get on that horse of life and ride it in the direction it is going.” 

“Look at your mistakes as knots you have tied in your spiritual rope to climb higher.” 

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Why do we experience loss and suffer while here on earth?

We all have a mission and a calling.  Our mission is to become fully realized in who we truly are through spiritual evolvement. Our calling is to utilize our talents, time and efforts to be of service to humanity in our own unique way. Pain ignites the soul and is the fuel that pushes us onward and upward.

There are times when life-changing events become overwhelming.  During those times I never ask myself “if” I can climb a mountain, but become open to “how” I am going to climb that mountain.  I often begin with some form of inspiration from…

a strong woman I admire.  Jana Stanfield is one of those women in my life. She sang this song at the dedication of Joann’s Outdoor Classroom as I listened from a dimension unfamiliar to me but one I would come to enjoy.

 What would I do if I were brave? – Jana Stanfield

Finding peace through the storm

I listen for the whisper down deep inside…a strong but gentle guide with a thousand different voices ringing in my ears, i listen for the whisper that only the heart can hear. – Janie

Prayer for being in the moment: Show me who I am in the moment,  show me how far I have come spiritually. – Joann

Know that you can find a quiet and safe place deep inside yourself and shut out all of earth’s noises and messages in your head.   There is a chamber buried deep inside your heart where a still, small voice resides that always guides and gives you strength to live in the truth of my existence.  Janie

Are you in the midst of a storm and need support?

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