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Your loving intent and bravery diminishes illusions and YOU KNOW THAT A PROCESS IS COMPLETE WHEN YOU EXPERIENCE A TRUE CONNECTION WITH YOURSELF AND YOUR CREATOR.  From this new perspective you will live life in the moment with sincerity and experience a freedom to look above, below and beyond any horizons and let life carry you in its arms.Payment for Passage

The Perfect Moment

The Perfect Moment

Living in the moment and flowing with life has been essential for me the past few weeks.   Once today, I strengthened my spiritual muscles by overcoming a “come apart” moment.  After talking with a loving friend on the phone, I closed my eyes, breathed deeply and remembered that I ONLY EVER EXPERIENCE MYSELF IN EVERY MOMENT.  It is up to me – my future, my being, my life is up to me and nobody else. I have the choice of just killing time in pain and anger or living with an open heart while I expect miracles.  BTW, this winter I would consider sunshine in Tennessee a miracle .

I interact moment to moment with what I perceive as reality and how I feel during that flash of time depends on how I choose to respond and my attitude.  Last weekend my car broke down in the middle of another town.    I paused, called someone for help, called a wrecker service, walked 2 blocks to take care of why I was in the town.  I then walked back to my car and not having to interact with traffic, relaxed as I waited for someone to come get me and enjoyed watching life happen around me in the parking lot.   At times, living truly as ME involves getting angry (like today) but once that emotion serves its purpose, I thank it for teaching me something about myself and ask it to leave.

I loving being peaceful but also realize I am here to learn through human emotions.   I believe that everything has a purpose and beauty and this belief assures me that no matter what, I will always be OK and well cared for.

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heartI was no stranger to loss in 2001 but nothing could have prepared me for the heart-wrenching years that followed the death of my 30-year-old daughter. That painful existence was the hardest loss for me to survive and come out of whole. I came to accept my former losses as a separation from other souls outside of myself. With my child’s death, an essential and vital part of ME had been ripped away.

My Path to Healing

“She would want you to be happy”, bothered me more than any other comment from someone. Did people think I wanted to feel this pain and despair? But one day I changed some of the words in that statement and began my healing. “She would want me make something positive out of her death and finish our lives with dignity.”

Overwhelmed with unrelenting grief and regret after Joann’s death, I fixated on what I could have done to prevent so much pain. In my attempt to keep her memory alive with a book, I was forced to refocus. – Payment for Passage

I could no longer comprehend a loving God but I knew that it would take a power much greater than myself to recover from this loss. Somehow, someway, I had to make some sense out of life and find a purpose again to be here.

I began my spiritual climb by reading books that caught my attention, praying for help (even if I wasn’t sure there was a loving energy hearing me) attending spiritual workshops and finding a spiritual mentor.

These are a few of the things my mentor and friend, Emma, has said to me that helped:

“Let all challenges be the fire that opens the heart up. Any broken heart is an “opening” and no matter how much pain comes with such an event, it is an opening that allows one to eventually flow with more Light and Love.” 

“The best thing to do is get on that horse of life and ride it in the direction it is going.” 

“Look at your mistakes as knots you have tied in your spiritual rope to climb higher.” 

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Why do we experience loss and suffer while here on earth?

We all have a mission and a calling.  Our mission is to become fully realized in who we truly are through spiritual evolvement. Our calling is to utilize our talents, time and efforts to be of service to humanity in our own unique way. Pain ignites the soul and is the fuel that pushes us onward and upward.

There are times when life-changing events become overwhelming.  During those times I never ask myself “if” I can climb a mountain, but become open to “how” I am going to climb that mountain.  I often begin with some form of inspiration from…

a strong woman I admire.  Jana Stanfield is one of those women in my life. She sang this song at the dedication of Joann’s Outdoor Classroom as I listened from a dimension unfamiliar to me but one I would come to enjoy.

 What would I do if I were brave? – Jana Stanfield

Finding peace through the storm

I listen for the whisper down deep inside…a strong but gentle guide with a thousand different voices ringing in my ears, i listen for the whisper that only the heart can hear. – Janie

Prayer for being in the moment: Show me who I am in the moment,  show me how far I have come spiritually. – Joann

Know that you can find a quiet and safe place deep inside yourself and shut out all of earth’s noises and messages in your head.   There is a chamber buried deep inside your heart where a still, small voice resides that always guides and gives you strength to live in the truth of my existence.  Janie

Are you in the midst of a storm and need support?

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