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spiritual stone blogOur lives are mysterious, based on trust of the unseen. Spiritual transformations are invisible to the eye and often have no words to explain them; however, something tangible that is seen, felt or held in our hands often gives us the power to persevere on our spiritual path when we feel lost, alone or afraid. A long hug from someone who truly cares for me can melt away days of pain or fear. A passage I read in a book can give me the peace I need to resume my day when I get discouraged. A message from a fellow traveler giving meaning to my past or hope for my future immediately lightens my heart. A crystal or rock I hold in my hand sometimes emits the warm energy I need to restore my spiritual energy.

While attending a holistic expo once I was fascinating with the thousands of crystals, all different shapes, colors and sizes. These crystal are believed¬†by some to be healing stones since they come from “Mother Earth” and are the pure energy of creation. I heard the woman standing next to me say to the vendor, “Please pick out the most spiritual stone you have so I can buy it. I am in a lot of emotional pain and need something to hold to help me find peace.”¬†

It occurred to me that the vendor could have picked any stone on the table for the woman and it would indeed be the most spiritual for her, simply because she would believe it was. What I believe shapes my perception, my perception dictates my emotions and my emotions create the next steps I take in the experiment of life. I know this is true because an angel told me so one morning in my bedroom.

“Mom, you have many thoughts during the day that bring emotions to the surface. These emotions create your next attempts to experiment with life. When evening comes you must relax and seek guidance through sincere prayer saturated with belief. Prayer invites the heavenly realm into your experiment. Thought is sedentary, but prayerful experience is the action that shapes your destiny. Truths are simple and to the point but take time to integrate into your life.” – My guardian angel Joann in Payment for Passage

Do you have a spiritual touchstone that helps along the way?

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